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You can click the arrows above to browse through the different National Parks. Click "see more" to learn a little about a specific park, my experience there, and view its photo gallery. All high resolution photos are now available for purchase if you feel like helping to fund my journey. You can order a variety of print and wall art options from Pixieset labs, or choose to download high resolution files to print with whomever you prefer. If you're interested, you can click the link below for some advice from me about purchasing photos.

HI, I'm John

I'm currently on a long journey to hike all 63 US National Parks. I've had some incredible adventures and seen some amazing places but I still have a long way to go. Check in occasionally, as I document my journey, to learn about the parks and enjoy the photos I've taken along the way.

“of all the paths you take in life, Make sure a few of them are dirt”

~John Muir

My Philosophy

It's not a vacation. it's an adventure

I've worked the same warehouse job for 20 years. I've accumulated enough vacation time each year that I can finally do what I love, hiking and photographing National Parks. You may wonder why after doing physical labor every day, I spend my vacations hiking for miles up mountains and sleeping on the ground in bitter cold and scorching heat. I do it because I want to have an adventure. Relaxation is great, but I'm a big kid. I want to explore, be courageous, and be excited.

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Next adventure: Haleakala and hawaii volcanoes!!!